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Atlas VPN services will be closed starting April 24th. In this article, we will answer any questions that may arise and explain how these changes will affect you. 



Why was Atlas VPN closed?

Atlas VPN was closed due to insurmountable challenges, including rapidly advancing technological demands, a highly competitive market, and escalating costs of providing top-tier services, making it unsustainable to continue in the long term.



What's next for Atlas VPN users?

Atlas VPN is partnering with its sister company, NordVPN, to ensure our users continue to enjoy secure VPN services. All current Atlas VPN paid subscribers will be transferred to the NordVPN service for the remainder of their subscription period.



How will my service change as an Atlas VPN premium user?

Your service will transition to NordVPN on April 24. You'll be able to use all premium NordVPN features without additional cost until your current subscription expires.



How do I transfer my subscription to NordVPN?

The transition will be handled by Atlas VPN by April 24 without you needing to take any action. We will initiate the user migration process using minimal information – your email address and current subscription period. Shortly, you will receive an email from NordVPN with instructions on how to create a password to use the NordVPN services. The migration process is expected to take up to two days for full completion.



If I have Atlas VPN premium service with add-ons, how will my service change?

NordVPN will honor your existing subscription, including equivalent add-ons, ensuring a seamless transition.



What if I purchased the Atlas VPN service via an app store? 

If you've subscribed to Atlas VPN through Google Play or Amazon, your subscription will be managed by the respective store to ensure a smooth transition to NordVPN. If you’ve subscribed through the App Store, you will be refunded for the time remaining on your Premium subscription, and your account will be terminated on April 26th.



What if I’ve purchased the subscription using different payment methods?

Your subscription made through a website, Google Play, or Amazon will be migrated to NordVPN. The subscription period that you’ve purchased through the App Store will be refunded.



What changes for those who purchased the Atlas VPN service directly? 

Your subscription will be transferred to NordVPN, and you'll receive instructions on how to activate your NordVPN subscription.



What if I have auto-renewal enabled on my Atlas VPN service? 

Auto-renewal will be disabled, and NordVPN will provide instructions on setting up a new subscription if you wish to continue after your current period ends.



How are users without auto-renewal on their Atlas VPN service affected? 

No action is required from you. Your service will transition to NordVPN until the end of your current subscription period.



What happens if my subscription is expiring between March 25 and April 24?

If your subscription ends before migration, you won't transition to NordVPN. However, as a former Atlas VPN user, you're eligible for an exclusive price offer from NordVPN. Keep an eye on your email to claim it.



Will all my Atlas VPN features be available on NordVPN? 

Most Atlas VPN features will be available on NordVPN, with some specific features possibly varying. However, NordVPN offers a comprehensive set of security features likely to meet or exceed your expectations.



Do I need to register for a new NordVPN account? 

Yes, you will need to activate a new NordVPN account, and instructions will be provided to ensure a smooth setup.



Will NordVPN have access to my Atlas VPN account information? 

Minimal data necessary to set up your subscription on NordVPN will be transferred securely, including your subscription length and the email address used to register your account.



What data will be transferred to NordVPN? 

The data transferred includes your subscription length and the email address you used for your Atlas VPN account registration.



Why can't I purchase a new Atlas VPN subscription? 

New Atlas VPN subscriptions are no longer available as the service is sunsetting. Current and potential users are encouraged to explore NordVPN for their cybersecurity needs.



How will the closure of Atlas VPN affect users of the free service?

Users of Atlas VPN's free service are invited to try NordVPN services, with special offers available to transition to their premium service.



If I have additional questions, what do I need to do? 

For any further inquiries or assistance, please reach out to the support team at to ensure a smooth transition and get answers to any questions you may have.



Can I start the migration process before April 24? 

Yes, you can. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Atlas VPN account at
  2. Click on "Migrate" within the "Initiate migration to NordVPN" section.
  3. Expect an email from NordVPN guiding you on setting up a new account password.
  4. Open the link in the email from NordVPN and enter the same email address you used for your Atlas VPN account.

If you already have a NordVPN account with a different email address and want to merge your accounts, contact support before migrating to change your email.



What if I want to opt out of using NordVPN’s services?

To opt out of using NordVPN’s services, simply contact our support team at before April 22, and we will assist you with the process.

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