Is my online Privacy worth the cost?

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Have you considered purchasing an Atlas VPN subscription but are hesitant to do so? In this article, we will discuss the topic of cybercrime and how you can protect yourself from online attackers.


What is cybercrime?


Any criminal activity targeting a computer, network, or a different network device can be defined as cybercrime. In most cases, the goal of it is profit. A $1.5 trillion in revenue has been generated by cybercrime in 2019 and the number of these cases is rising each year. Here are a few examples of cybercrime:

    • Identity theft;
    • Internet fraud;
    • Phishing;
    • Ransomware;
    • Malware;
    • DDOS attacks;
    • Data breaches.


How can I secure my privacy?


Those who trade in personal information, steal intellectual property, or sell it illegally can easily compromise your privacy. Atlas VPN helps you protect the integrity of what you do online by encrypting your data. Simply connect to one of our servers, and your privacy will be secured. You can get a subscription with Atlas VPN by visiting our order page.


Feel free to visit our blog to learn more about the importance of your online privacy. For more information about the VPN, visit the article on how the VPN works.

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