What do I get with my Atlas VPN subscription?

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Are you thinking about purchasing a premium subscription to Atlas VPN? Let's look into its benefits!

Subscribing to Atlas VPN will provide you with access to all 750+ servers in more than 30 locations. The premium version of the app offers different server types that will take your security to the next level and maximize your streaming quality.

Atlas VPN subscription will also provide you with:

  • 24/7 live chat support;
  • Premium services on an unlimited number of devices;
  • Tracker Blocker and Data Breach Monitor features - Atlas VPN will take care of your cybersecurity needs even beyond a VPN connection;
  • Unlimited data for safe browsing;
  • Access to Atlas VPN applications for Android TV and Fire OS.

To compare free and premium versions of the Atlas VPN, check out this article.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to drop us an email at support@atlasvpn.com! Premium customers can also reach us via live chat by logging into the Atlas VPN account here. 

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