Can I use premium services on more than one device?

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We do not limit the number of devices you link to your premium account - you can use one account on all your personal devices and enjoy anonymous browsing!

Note: If you wish to purchase a subscription with Atlas VPN, head over to our pricing page to find the best options available!

Using your account on different devices simultaneously does not require any additional setup. Installing the Atlas VPN app on your devices and logging into your premium account is all it takes. For more instructions on how to set up the application, check out this article


Protect my devices

If you already have the Atlas VPN application installed on your Windows or iOS devices, you can use the Protect my devices feature to download the app to your other devices.


Click the Assistant button on the left side of the application window and select the Protect my devices feature.



Tap on the Assistant button at the bottom of the Atlas VPN app and select the Protect my devices feature.



After clicking on Send me a link, you will get an email containing download links for all available platforms. Once you install the app, log into your premium account and enjoy the privacy!

For any additional information, please contact our customer care team via email at Premium customers can also reach us via live chat by logging into the Atlas VPN account here.