Atlas VPN recurring payments

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The subscription plans that Atlas VPN offers are renewal-based. Unless the auto-renewal is canceled, the purchased plan automatically renews once the subscription expires.

If the initial payment is not successful, the services remain active for 3 days while the auto-renewal function sends out payment requests until there is a successful payment.

Note: CryptoCurrencies and Qiwi payments do not have an auto-renewal function.

Short-term subscription plan

Atlas VPN offers a single short-term subscription plan, which would be the regular recurring 1-month subscription plan.

The subscription plan auto-renews a few days prior to the expiration and extends your subscription by an additional month. This continues unless the auto-renewal is canceled.

Long-term subscription plan

Customers who have one of the long-term subscriptions active will get an email with the renewal details a few days prior to the subscription's expiration date. The email includes the price that will be charged for the renewal and the duration of the upcoming subscription.

For more information, visit the Subscription Renewal Prices page.


To get a subscription with Atlas VPN, visit our order page and pick out a plan that suits you best. For more information regarding subscription renewals, refer to our Terms of Service.

Note: Upon completing your transaction and clicking on Complete purchase, you accept our Terms and Conditions.


For further details regarding our data collection, retention, and usage practices, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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