How can I cancel my recurring subscription?

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If you want to withdraw your recurring subscription and discontinue future payments, please contact us via live chat or email at Our team will gladly help you out!

Note: you will get a confirmation once the auto-renewal of your subscription is disabled. If you contact us via email, keep an eye on your inbox to follow the progress of the case.

In case the payment was made through Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or PayPal you can cancel the recurring subscription by yourself:

    • For payments made through Google Play Store, please check this article about subscription cancelation.

    • For subscriptions purchased through Apple App Store, please check this guide.

    • For PayPal purchases, follow these steps to stop the recurring subscription.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to drop us an email at! Premium customers can also reach us via live chat by logging into the Atlas VPN account here.

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