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Have you decided to change the email used with your Atlas VPN account? No worries, our customer support team will gladly help you. All you need to do is to fill out our email change form. In this guide, we will go through the steps on how you can do that. Read on!


Note: Please make sure not to skip any required information, as without it, we will not be able to change your email address due to security reasons.


  1. Open the email change form.

  2. Specify your current email in the Your email address field.
  3. Type in your preferred new email address in the New email address field.
  4.  Provide the following information in the Description field:
    • The date of your payment.

    • Payment amount.

    • Payment method (Google Play, Apple App Store, PayPal, Credit/debit card, CryptoCurrency).


Lastly, some additional information about the payment method is necessary in order to confirm the ownership of your account:

    • Google Play Store
      Please provide the GPA number of the purchase. You can find your GPA by signing into your Google Pay account. Once you are logged in, click Subscriptions and services, then View purchases and you will find a number that looks like this – GPA.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxxx.

    • Apple App Store
      Please provide the transaction ID from Apple App Store. You can find the transaction ID by accessing your purchase history.

    • Credit/debit card
      Please provide the cardholder's name, last 4 digits, and the expiry date of the card, that was used to make the payment.

    • PayPal
      Please provide the transaction ID of the payment. You can find the transaction ID in the confirmation of your payment.

    • CryptoCurrency
      Please provide the CoinPayments ID.

Note: This information is required in order to avoid possible unauthorized changes.


Click the Submit button after filling out the form with all of the required information.



Once our support team receives the necessary details, they will contact you to inform you that the requested changes have been successfully made.

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