How to redeem an Atlas VPN coupon/promo code?

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If you have received a promotional code for Atlas VPN, you can redeem it in the following ways:


To redeem a code via our website, first, you will need to log in to your account:




On the following page, enter your email address and you will be sent an email with the link that will allow you to complete the login process.

After a successful login, navigate to the Account tab on the left side of the window and there you will find the Redeem code option:


Once you click on the Redeem code, enter the promotional code on the following page and Atlas VPN service will be added to your account:



Atlas VPN app on Android

First, open the Atlas VPN app on your device and log in to your account. This can be done from the Settings page (the cog icon on the bottom right of the screen).

Once you are logged in, tap on Redeem Code that is located under Additional settings:



On the following page, enter the promotional code and redeem Atlas VPN service:




For any questions, contact our customer care team via live chat or drop us an email at anytime! 

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