Atlas VPN Data Breach Monitor

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Data Breach Monitor is an Atlas VPN feature that tracks any data breaches related to your online accounts. It automatically scans leaked databases and informs you of any past or recent breaches where your personal information was exposed.

What is a "data breach"?

A "breach" is an incident where data is inadvertently exposed in a vulnerable system, usually due to insufficient access control or security weaknesses in the software.

What to do if my personal details have been leaked?

Although the breach has already happened, don't worry, you can still protect yourself! We would firstly suggest making sure that you are not using the same password on your email address as on the websites where the breaches have occurred on. If you are, change the password of your email ASAP - doing so will secure access to those accounts and you will always be able to recover them.

Once you have secured your email, you can then proceed to the second step of getting rid of nasty breaches. Log in to the websites that the breaches have occurred on and change the passwords on all of them. Once you have done this, you can come back to the Atlas VPN application and mark the breach that you have taken care of as "Resolved".

What can I do to avoid this? 

To ensure the safety of your accounts in the future, we strongly suggest having unique passwords for all of your online accounts. Also, make sure that you follow the information provided by Atlas VPN Data Breach Monitor and resolve all the online breaches as soon as possible.

Here you can find our blog post with more information about Atlas VPN Data Breach Monitor.

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