Retrieving Atlas VPN application diagnostics

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Application diagnostics is a useful tool in the troubleshooting process. It can help our customer care team find the root of the issue and efficiently resolve it. If the customer support team asked you for diagnostic logs, here is how you can find them:


Note: these logs do not have any information about your activity online. Diagnostics only show the performance of the Atlas VPN application.





  1. Click on the Start (⊞) button on your Windows device and type in or copy the text: %localappdata%\AtlasVPN\Logs
  2. Click Open the file location.

  3. Right-click the folder and select Compres to ZIP file.

  4. Attach the zipped file to the email form and send it to our customer care team.





  1. In the Atlas VPN application, go to the Support section and click Share log next to Share activity log.

  2. An email will be created automatically. Type in what issues you have encountered and click the Send button.


Note: you need to be logged into the Apple Mailbox feature for the email to be created automatically.



Android and iOS


  1. Tap the gear button at the bottom of the AtlasVPN app window to access Settings. There, scroll down to find the Support center and tap on it. 


  2. Tap on Share activity log.

  3. Afterward, please send the file to






  1. Copy-paste this command into the terminal and press Enter
    sudo cp /var/log/atlasvpn/atlasvpnd.log $HOME/Documents/atlasvpn.deamon.log

  2. Enter the password of your computer and press Enter.

  3. Copy-paste this command and press Enter:
    cp $HOME/.config/atlasvpn/atlasvpn.log $HOME/Documents/atlasvpn.cli.log
  4. The generated diagnostics file can be found in Home/Documents folder. 

  5. Once you find the diagnostics file, attach it to the email form and send it to our customer care team.

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