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If you receive any error messages while trying to log in:

  1. Make sure that the email you are using to log in matches the one used to register.

  2. If there are upper-case letters in the email address, try switching them out to lower-case ones.
  3. Try using a different network to log in. You could either switch between Wi-Fi and cellular network or connect your device to a mobile hotspot.

  4. If you are using antivirus software, whitelist the Atlas VPN app in your antivirus settings.
  5. Try uninstalling the application from your device and downloading it once again from the Atlas VPN website.

  6. If you are using a Windows device, try syncing up your device time by going to Settings > Time & Language > Date & time > Sync now.


In case you are not receiving the email containing the activation code:

  1. Make sure the provided email address has no typos.

  2. Check the Spam or Junk folder of your email inbox.

  3. If you are using a mobile device, log in with Google or Apple.
  4. Clear the cache of your browser and check your inbox once more.

  5. In case none of the steps are helpful, refer to this troubleshooting guide.

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