How much will I need to pay upon renewal?

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All Atlas VPN subscription plans work in the regular auto-renewal way, which means that the purchased subscription plan will keep on renewing automatically a few days prior to the expiration date of the services.

Short-term subscription plan

Atlas VPN offers a single short-term subscription plan, which would be the regular recurring 1-month subscription plan.

The subscription plan auto-renews a few days prior to the expiration and extends your subscription by an additional month. This continues unless the auto-renewal is canceled.

Long-term subscription plan

Customers that have one of the long-term subscriptions active and are near their expiration date, will be informed via email of the price that will be charged a few days prior to the subscription's expiration date as well as to what duration plan would the subscription renew into.

All of the Atlas VPN subscriptions are available for purchase on our website. Here you can find more information on the subscription renewal. 

For further details regarding subscription renewals, you may refer to our Terms of Service or contact our support team via live chat or email at

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