Atlas VPN server types

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Atlas VPN offers a couple of different categories of VPN servers that are optimized and equipped to provide specific features.

SafeSwap servers

This server type is specialized for usage when you wish to take your security to the next level, by letting you access the internet from several IP addresses at a time.

A regular VPN server offers a connection to one IP address available in the specific server location that you choose to connect to and applies that singular IP to your device, for the duration of your connection session.

SafeSwap, on the other hand, offers an everchanging IP, which gets applied anew on each new request you make while browsing. That means, that every time you open a new website or look something up on the web, your IP address changes, hence increasing your security and masking your browsing data even more.

Streaming servers

This type of server is pretty explanatory within its name: they are optimized to handle connections to various streaming services.

They tackle buffering, lags, and other issues you might face while trying to access your favorite streams. If you wish to get the best experience while enjoying a new show, it is highly recommended to use one of the streaming servers.

MultiHop+ servers

MultiHop+ servers add an extra layer of security by connecting a VPN server to an additional server and “chaining” two VPN servers together.

This advanced network topology with carefully selected locations for optimal latency and speed is designed to randomly rotate between various gateways. As a result, your online activity is hidden behind several VPN locations and encryption layers, boosting your privacy, anonymity, and security.

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