Connecting to Atlas VPN on a public Wi-Fi

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Public Wi-Fi can be found in public places like airports, coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, and hotels — it usually gives you the ability to access the Internet for free. However, you should use public Wi-Fi carefully. In this article, we will discuss the dangers of a public connection, how to avoid them, and the troubleshooting steps for using a network that blocks VPN connections.

Why is public Wi-Fi not secure?

Using this type of internet connection might compromise your security. Public networks are encryption-free, and that allows monitoring of the traffic between the user and the server. If your device is not protected, there is a chance that you will encounter cybercrime while connected to the public network. To prevent that, we highly recommend using a VPN service.

VPN servers encrypt your internet traffic, preventing any third parties from monitoring your visited websites, applications used, or files downloaded.

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Unable to use the VPN while connected to a public Wi-Fi

It's important to note that some public Wi-Fi networks might block VPN connections, so to troubleshoot any connectivity issues, try applying the following steps:

  1. Change the VPN connection protocol:

    Open the Atlas VPN app, click on Settings, navigate to the Protocols tab and choose one of the available protocols.

    In the Atlas VPN app, open Settings and scroll down to the Advanced settings section. You can change the protocol by choosing the options on the drop-down menu.

    Android and iOS
    Tap the cogwheel button at the bottom left side of the Atlas VPN app, and open the VPN protocol section.

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  2. Connect to different countries in the Atlas VPN application;

  3. Reboot your device.


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