Connecting from a country with internet restrictions

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Some countries have network restrictions that force ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to limit the content available online, and block the VPN connections that change the location of your IP address. These restrictions can be seen in countries such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, UAE, and others.

ISPs have quite a few ways of detecting VPN connections, and they may block the IP address, interfere with the connection, or block the ports that are used to route the VPN traffic. 

VPN users who are located in countries with internet restrictions may experience different issues with their connection, such as:

  • Slow internet connection speeds;
  • Long connection time;
  • Being unable to connect;
  • Websites/apps not loading.

If you are connecting from a country with internet restrictions please try connecting to a few different locations and wait up to a minute before canceling the connection. You can also test out different VPN connection protocols that can be changed in the Atlas VPN application settings.

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