Updating the Atlas VPN application

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When a new Atlas VPN application version comes out, you will receive the update prompt automatically. Here are a couple of examples:



In order to update the application, simply click on the Update/Yes option, and the latest version of Atlas VPN will be installed onto your device.

If you have the automatic updates turned off, it is possible to check for application updates manually. Here are the steps on how to check for updates on different operating systems:





To access the option to manually check for updates on Windows, click the Settings button on the left side of the app, then go to the App settings tab. You will see a button Check for updates, click on it to see if your app is up to date.






If you are using an Android phone, you can check the Play Store to see if there are any updates. You will find the "Update" button if the newest version is not installed on your device yet.




iOS and macOS


On Apple devices, the applications should update automatically as automatic updates are turned on by default in the App Store. 

In case you have them disabled, you will receive a prompt requesting to update Atlas VPN. You could also check our application page in the App Store as well.

If you see the Update button, please click on it to install the newest version of Atlas VPN.


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