Whitelisting Atlas VPN on BitDefender antivirus

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Occasionally, VPNs and anti-virus software can interfere, causing connections to be blocked. This article will teach you how to make an exception for Atlas VPN on BitDefender Antivirus. 

  1. In order to begin, open the BitDefender application and go to the Protection tab on the left side of the application.


  2. Under the Antivirus section, select Open.


  3.  Go to the Settings tab and click on Manage exceptions.


  4. A new window will pop up. In there, press Add an exception.


  5. In the Exceptions options, press on the File Explorer icon, or enter these two paths separately:

    • C:\Program Files\AtlasVPN\Bin\AtlasVPN.exe
    • C:\Program Files\AtlasVPN\Bin\AtlasVPN.Worker.exe


  6. If you wish to go through the File Explorer option, Go to This PC -> Local disk (C:) -> Program Files 


  7. Go to the Program Files folder by clicking on the black arrow on the left side, and scroll down until you see the Atlas VPN folder. Select the Atlas VPN folder by clicking it, then press OK.  


  8. Finally, click save, and proceed to reboot your device. That is it!




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