How to whitelist Atlas VPN on Avast Antivirus?

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Occasionally, VPNs and anti-virus software can come into conflict with each other, and cause issues. This article will teach you how to make an exception for Atlas VPN on Avast Antivirus. 

  1. Launch the Avast application and click on the Menu button in the top-right corner.


  2. Go to the Settings section.


  3. In the General section, open the Exceptions tab.


  4. Click on the Add exception.


  5. Select the Browse option to locate the Atlas VPN folder.


  6. Navigate to the Atlas VPN folder. By default, Atlas VPN location is This PC -> Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files.


  7. In the Program Files folder find and check the Atlas VPN folder. Click OK.


  8. Once done, please press Add exception.


  9. Now the Atlas VPN application is excluded from Avast scans. Reboot your device in order to apply these changes.

    For any questions, drop us an email at anytime! Premium customers can also reach us via live chat by logging into the Atlas VPN account here.