Whitelisting Atlas VPN on Avast antivirus

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VPN services and antivirus software can occasionally conflict, resulting in connectivity issues. Making an exception for Atlas VPN on Avast Antivirus can solve these issues. By following this article, you will learn how to whitelist your VPN service in the settings of Avast. Let's dive in!
  1. Launch the Avast application and click on the Menu button in the top-right corner.

  2. Go to the Settings section.

  3. In the General section, open the Exceptions tab.

  4. Click on ADD EXCEPTION.

  5. Click NEXT in the pop-up window.

  6. Then, click I UNDERSTAND RISKS. If you have downloaded Atlas VPN from our website, there is no need to worry about security risks.

  7. Select the BROWSE option to locate the Atlas VPN folder.

  8. Locate the Atlas VPN folder. By default, Atlas VPN location is C:\Program Files\AtlasVPN. When you find the Atlas VPN folder, tick the box next to it and click OK.

  9. Then, click ADD EXCEPTION.

  10. Lastly, reboot your device in order to apply the changes.

And that is it, now the Atlas VPN application is excluded from Avast scans! 

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