How to find MultiHop+ servers on Atlas VPN?

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Looking forward for even more security while surfing the web? Then MultiHop+ servers are here just for you! You can read more about this feature here!

Here is the guide on how to find the MultiHop+ servers on the Atlas VPN application:

  1. Open your Atlas VPN application.
  2. On the top of the application, you will be able to see the Privacy Pro button, which will lead you to the MultiHop+ servers!


  3. Press the Privacy Pro button, and then proceed to click on the region from the MultiHop+ list you wish to reach in order to connect. At this moment, we have two regions!


  4. Once you are connected, enjoy safe surfing the web!

Note: MultiHop+ servers are only available for premium users. If you wish to purchase the Atlas VPN subscription, you can do it here!

Regarding any help with the usage of Atlas VPN software, please contact our customer care team via live chat or drop us an email at

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