Deleting an Atlas VPN account

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If you've decided to delete your account, please follow the steps in this article. However, before proceeding, note that deleting your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. That being said, let's dive in!


Contents of the guide:



Premium subscription account deletion


For extra security, we will need to confirm your ownership of the account before our customer support team can delete it. Therefore, please fill out the account deletion form with the following information:

  1. Your email address.
  2. Reason for deleting the account.

In the Description field, provide the following information:

  1. Payment amount.

  2. Payment date.

  3. Payment method you used upon creating your account, and the following information according to it:
    • Google Play Store: please provide the GPA number of the purchase. You can find it by signing into your Google Pay account. Once you are logged in, click Subscriptions and services, then View purchases and you will find a number that looks like this – GPA.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxxx

    • Apple App Store: please provide your App Store invoice screenshot with the transaction ID. You can find it by accessing your purchase history.

    • Credit/debit card: please provide the last 4 digits, the expiry date, and the cardholder's full name.

    • PayPal: please provide the transaction ID of the payment.

    • Qiwi: please provide the order ID of the payment.

    • CoinPayments: please provide the payment ID.



Free subscription account deletion


You can delete your free AtlasVPN account by following one of these methods:


 Note: Please make sure you are using a free account before deleting it on iOS or macOS.



Contacting AtlasVPN customer support


To send a deletion request, please fill out the deletion form. Make sure to specify:

  1. Your email address.

  2. The reason you would like to delete your account.



Deleting an account on iOS


Open the Atlas VPN app and tap on the gear button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Head to the Support Center.


At the bottom of the Support center settings menu, tap the button Delete my account.


Type in DELETE in the text field and tap Delete account.


Once you finish these steps, your account will be deleted. 



Deleting an account on macOS


Once you open the AtlasVPN app, click on Settings and go to the Account tab. There, click the Delete account button.


Type DELETE in the pop-up text box and click Delete account.


And that is it! You have deleted your account with Atlas VPN.


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