Sky streaming with Atlas VPN

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Are you trying to access Sky while you are outside the United Kingdom? Atlas VPN can help you access Sky from anywhere around the globe. Simply connect to the UK server in the Atlas VPN application, and enjoy the streaming!

Note: You will need a premium Atlas VPN subscription in order to connect to the UK.


You can download the Sky GO streaming app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Before downloading the Sky GO app you will need to change the location of your Apple ID or Google Play Store to indicate that you are in the UK.

If you are having trouble accessing the Sky stream, try the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure that the option Connect to SKY Q Box” is disabled within the Sky app. Here is how you can do that:

    • iOS
      Once you open the SkyGO app, select the cogwheel icon in the top left corner and tap on Preferences. Then, change the toggle for Connect to Sky Q box to Off.

    • Android
      Open your notifications panel, and tap on the Sky Go notification that says Connected to your Sky Q box. Lastly, tap on Disconnect.

    • Windows and macOS
      Click on Settings in the SkyGO app, and go to Preferences. Select Connect to Sky Q box and change it to Off.
  2. Check if Location Services are disabled on your device. After disabling it, try to access the service once more.

  3. If you are using a browser to stream, please try clearing the cache of your browser. Also, you may try enabling the Incognito mode.

  4. Try reinstalling the SkyGO application on your device while connected to one of our VPN servers.

  5. Test a few different servers in the Atlas VPN application by disconnecting from a server and connecting again.

Note: Atlas VPN should not be used to bypass copyright regulations.


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