Whitelisting Atlas VPN on Malwarebytes antivirus

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Using antivirus alongside the Atlas VPN app can cause connectivity issues. Therefore, we highly recommend making an exception for Atlas VPN in the settings of the Malwarebytes antivirus app. In this article, we will go through the steps on how you can do that. Let's look into it!


  1. Open the Malwarebytes app and click the gear button in the top right corner of the app window.

  2. In the settings menu, go to the Allow List tab and click the Add button.

  3. Choose the Allow a file or folder option in the Allow List menu.

  4. Then, click the Select a folder button.

  5. Find the Atlas VPN folder. By default, it is in This PC -> Local disk (C:) -> Program Files. Once you locate the folder, click on it and click Select Folder.  

  6. Make sure to select the option to Exclude from all detections and click Done

  7. Afterward, you will see the Atlas VPN folder in the Malwarebytes exclusion list.

  8. Finally, restart your computer to apply the changes. And that is it!

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