10Gbps servers

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Are you looking for a way to increase your VPN connection speed? Look no further, as Atlas VPN has 10Gbps servers! 

The 10Gbps servers are optimized to have a better speed. These servers have more bandwidth, meaning that they can transmit more data in less time. That results in a more speedy and smooth connection for an even better online experience. 


10Gbps servers are only available with a Premium Atlas VPN subscription.


At the moment Atlas VPN offers 10Gbps servers in two locations: Amsterdam and London. Here is how you can find these servers:

  1. Open the Atlas VPN application and scroll the location list to find Netherlands or United Kingdom servers.

  2. Click the downward arrow icon. That will expand the server list and reveal the 10Gbps server. Click on it to connect.

  3. Once you are connected to the server, the Quick connect button will turn green and indicate that you are Protected.


And that is it, you can enjoy browsing the internet with safety and even more speed! 

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