Purchasing Atlas VPN with iDEAL

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iDEAL is one of the payment methods available on the Atlas VPN checkout page. This payment processor transfers the payment from your bank account directly to Atlas VPN. Here's how you can purchase a premium subscription using iDEAL:


Note: At the moment this payment processor is only available in the Netherlands. 


  1. Choose your preferred Atlas VPN plan on the order page and click Proceed to Checkout

  2. After selecting the plan, you will have the option to get Atlas VPN add-ons: Shield and Data Breach Monitor. If you wish to get it, click Add & Continue.

  3. Enter the email you want to use for your account, select your bank, and click Buy with iDEAL.

  4. You will be redirected to a website containing a QR code. Scan the code with your mobile banking app and complete the purchase. For more information about the process, visit the iDEAL website

  5. Once you get the payment confirmation email in your inbox, you have successfully purchased a premium subscription with Atlas VPN. Set up the application and enjoy the privacy!

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