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Atlas VPN application for Windows has five different setting menus:





Once you access the Settings menu and click on the Account tab, you will find the User ID, the option to Sign out, and information about your current plan. 





In the Security section you will be able to locate these options:

    • Start on launch – once enabled, the Atlas VPN application will automatically start as soon as you turn on your Windows device.

    • Kill Switch – this feature will disable the internet connection on your device if the VPN connection is unexpectedly interrupted. This ensures that no unsecured browsing can occur until the connection to a VPN server is restored.

    • Allow Push Notifications – if enabled, this feature will inform you regarding your connectivity status as well as other information relevant to you.

    • Shield – once enabled it allows the app to detect online threats. You can control if you would like to block these threats in the Assistant tab, Shield feature.






In the Protocol section you will find our connection protocol options: 

    • Auto option will pick the fastest and most secure protocol for your network.
    • WireGuard® connection protocol provides you with incredible speeds.
    • IKEv2 protocol encrypts your data with the highest level of security.



WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A. Donenfeld.



App settings


In the App settings section you will find these options:

    • App language – changes the language of the Atlas VPN application.
    • App appearance – lets you set the theme of the application.
    • Analytics – gathers basic information about the app for our developers such as errors and crash reports. No information is gathered outside the application following our strict no-logs policy.

    • Close to tray – once this feature is enabled, closing the application minimizes it to your system tray menu.

    • Version number – helps you check if your app is up to date.




In the Connectivity section you will find the Quick Connect and Auto-Connect features:

    • Quick Connect – use this feature to choose the location you will be connected to after clicking on the Quick-Connect button.

    • Auto-Connect – with the feature enabled, VPN is automatically connected to the last location of your session after the app is launched.

    • API resolution – this setting allows you to choose whether you want the app to resolve the API address automatically, or use the support-provided hostname to bypass internet restrictions.

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