macOS app settings overview

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Atlas VPN application for macOS has five different setting menus:


The Account tab contains the User ID, information about the account, and the option to delete your account. 

Note: please look into the deletion process before deleting your account



In the Security tab, you can find these options:

    • Start on Launch – once enabled, the Atlas VPN application will automatically start once you sign in to your macOS device.

    • Kill switch – this feature will disable the internet connection on your device if the VPN connection is unexpectedly interrupted. This ensures that no unsecured browsing can occur until the connection to a VPN server is restored.


In the Protocol tab, you can choose the connection protocol of the Atlas VPN application. It determines the establishment of encryption and the way data is transferred between your device and the VPN gateway. 


App Settings

By clicking on the App Settings tab, you can access these settings:

    • App language – allows you to choose the language of the Atlas VPN application.
    • Show application in – you can choose where the Atlas VPN application will be displayed.

    • App appearance – lets you set the theme of the application. 

    • Analytics – gathers basic app information such as errors and crash reports for our developers. No information is gathered outside the application in accordance with our strict no-logs policy.

    • Reset network settings – lets you reset your network settings through the Atlas VPN app.
    • Version number – displays the version of the Atlas VPN app you are using.


In the Connectivity tab, you will find these options:

    • Quick-Connect – select a country you would like to be connected to after clicking the Quick-Connect button on the Home page of the application.
    • Auto-Connect – with this feature enabled, once the app is launched, it connects to the last location of your previous session.


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