iOS app settings overview

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Navigate to the Settings page by tapping the gear icon on the bottom right of the app screen. You can find these settings in the Atlas VPN app for iOS:





In the General section, you will find these setting options:

    • Quick-Connect – you can choose how the Quick-Connect feature will pick out a server to connect to. There are three options: fastest connection, nearest location, and preferred connection, which will connect you to a specific location of your choice.
    • Auto-Connect – with this feature enabled, the Atlas VPN application will be automatically connected to the selected location after launching.
    • Kill Switch – this feature will disable the internet connection on your device if the VPN connection is unexpectedly interrupted. This ensures that no unsecured browsing can occur until the connection to a VPN server is restored.

    • Shield – allows the app to detect online threats. You can control if you would like to block these threats in the Assistant tab, Shield feature.
    • Improve Atlas VPN – gathers basic information about the app for our developers, such as errors and crash reports. No information is gathered outside the application in accordance with our strict no-logs policy.



VPN protocol


In the VPN Protocol section, you will find the Atlas VPN connection protocol options: 

    • Auto option will pick the fastest and most secure protocol for your network.
    • WireGuard® connection protocol provides you with incredible speeds.
    • IKEv2 protocol encrypts your data with the highest level of security.




App appearance


In the App appearance section, you can change the theme of the Atlas VPN application.




Push notifications


Once you enable this option, you will receive important notifications.






Selecting a language from the list will change the language of the application.




Support center


In the Support center section, you will find these options:

    • Help center – tapping this button will open the Atlas VPN Help center.
    • Email support – send an email to Atlas VPN customer support.
    • Live chat support – start a live chat with the Atlas VPN customer support. Available only with Premium subscription.
    • Reset network settings – removes the VPN configurations and resets your network settings through the Atlas VPN app.
    • View user ID – displays your User ID.
    • Share activity log – gathers basic information about the app for our developers such as errors and crash reports. No information is gathered outside the application following our strict no-logs policy.
    • Privacy policy – redirects you to our Privacy policy page.
    • Terms of Service – redirects you to our Terms of Service page.
    • Delete my account – helps you delete your Atlas VPN account. Deleting your account is a permanent action and cannot be undone. If you use a premium subscription, please contact Atlas VPN customer support to delete the account. 



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