Why older operating systems are not supported with Atlas VPN?

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As technology advances, older operating systems become more vulnerable to security breaches. Outdated systems often lack the latest security updates and necessary safeguards to protect user data effectively. 

One of the top priorities of Atlas VPN is security. To improve the service and ensure protection, it is important to follow the current technology advancements. Therefore, Atlas VPN does not support operating systems that are outdated. 

Here is a list of Atlas VPN supported operating system versions:

    • Windows 10 and later
    • MacOS 11.0 and later
    • Android 7 and later
    • iOS 14 and later
    • Fire OS 7 and later
    • tvOS 17.0

If you are using an older operating system version, we highly recommend updating it. Embracing these updates is a proactive step that ensures a safer and more seamless digital experience. 

To learn how to update your operating system, check out these tutorials:


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